Samara spoke at a recent SDG&E Mastering Business Growth program and she was WONDERFUL. The talk was very informative and her presentation style is very inviting and pleasant. I highly recommend Samara's talk about Diversity in the Workplace.

--Janet Leinhard, Owner of Virtual Instructor, LLC and participant in workshop for SDG&E suppliers, ambassadors, and stakeholders  

This was by far the most beneficial session so far. Best Value! Thank you so much! 

--Participant in workshop on scaling business culture


A captivating and dynamic speaker and I would highly recommend if you are looking for someone to help with creating a more positive, diverse and inclusive culture within your organization.

--Sonia Guimil, Founder of VillaShare

I can't include anything to improve. I would like to comment that you have a wonderful balance in knowledge and presentation that allows the attendee to be engaged in a very applicable way. Thanks again! 

--Participant in workshop on building business culture


Samara was a very enthusiastic trainer and was extremely inclusive of everyone! She spoke well and was engaging and respectful. 

I wasn't looking forward to doing this on a Saturday morning and she made it worth it! Samara was sunshine in a glass. I really enjoyed my morning with her.

--Arizona State University Students

I really enjoyed her! She was really active and she knows how to teach and make everything entertaining.

--University of California, San Diego Student 

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