Samara spoke at a recent SDG&E Mastering Business Growth program and she was WONDERFUL. The talk was very informative and her presentation style is very inviting and pleasant. I highly recommend Samara's talk about Diversity in the Workplace.

--Janet Leinhard, Owner of Virtual Instructor, LLC and participant in workshop for SDG&E suppliers, ambassadors, and stakeholders 


I would like to comment that you have a wonderful balance in knowledge and presentation that allows the attendee to be engaged in a very applicable way. Thanks again! 

--Participant in workshop on building business culture 


CulturGrit has shaped our organization in exceptional ways, focusing on the growth of the individual and corporation through development of our team’s skills to value diversity, empathy, inspiration for change, and conflict management.  The impact of CulturGrit has been a more inclusive, dynamic work place that embraces awareness, and the confidence to adapt to diversity.  

--Nicole Miller, American Honda 

A captivating and dynamic speaker and I would highly recommend if you are looking for someone to help with creating a more positive, diverse and inclusive culture within your organization.

--Sonia Guimil, Founder of VillaShare



Samara was a very enthusiastic trainer and was extremely inclusive of everyone! She spoke well and was engaging and respectful... she made it worth it! Samara was sunshine in a glass. I really enjoyed my morning with her.

--Arizona State University Students

I really enjoyed her! She was really active and she knows how to teach and make everything entertaining.

--University of California, San Diego Student 


This was by far the most beneficial session so far. Best Value! Thank you so much! 

--Participant in workshop on scaling business culture

Clients and strategic partners