What We Offer

Interactive Workshops


Our workshops and facilitation style engage people beyond their comfort zone. They incorporate theory, best practices, and actionable techniques. They are designed to create a safe space for participants to be engaged, inspired, equipped, and energized into action. Participants will practice empathy and share ideas around bias, diversity and inclusion, and culture. Workshops can be customized to address specific organizational and team needs. 

Our workshops address the following business objectives:

  • Mitigating Implicit/Unconscious Bias 
  • Cultural Engagement and Intentional Inclusion 
  • The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership and High Performance  
  • Intercultural & Cross-border Communication
  • Conflict Management & Team-building 
  • U.S. Business Culture 
  • Scaling and Transforming Organizational Culture
  • Scaling Inclusion in Sourcing and Procurement 
  • Generational Collaboration 

Strategy and Consultation


Fostering empathy and consciousness, we coach and advise leaders on the strategies and actions necessary for integrating cultural intelligence to optimize the following business dimensions: 

Performance and Team building

 Leadership Development

Learning and Career Pathing 


Branding, Marketing and Sales

Evaluations and Assessments


Social Impact and Responsibility 

Listen to This Podcast on Integrating Inclusion

Culture Transformation


A wraparound approach is designed to improve business outcomes through integrating culture into business metrics. 

Our approach employs quantitative and qualitative methods not only to address organizational culture needs, but along other sub-cultures as well. The benefits of inclusion of diverse cultures, i.e. perspectives, experiences, and identities, has been proven.  With our approach, the culture factors in your workplace are assessed, implemented, and measured for employee, customer, financial, and growth metrics. 

The result is an inclusive and innovative work environment that harnesses the differences in gender, generations, disability, ethnicity, nationality, leadership, and job function.